The Medical Education is well designed using Audio-Visual techniques with the collaboration of future preparation exam like FMGE/MCI/USMLE

All About


The strategic plan puts forth the primary goal of NVU “to support expansion of human vision through promotion of education, research and innovation.” Its Aim is to ensure that higher education programs offered by NVU link theory with practice, thus the “world of ideas” is translated into the “world of action.”

General Strategy to achieve NVU goals are as follows:
✔ Establish and maintain academic leadership in areas offered by NVU (Law, Medicine, Politics and International Relations, Business and Information).
✔ Promote well defined and coherent internal QA system.
✔ Ensure engagement in teaching and research (employ research results in teaching, ensure student engagement in research projects etc.).


✔ Widen the cohort and support diversity of students, attract mature students, create opportunities for work-based learning.
✔ Uphold diversity of academic staff to remain in line with NVU’s commitment to offer multidisciplinary and integrated curriculum.
✔ Maintain effective communication among academic staff and students to fully raise awareness about the academic potential and cooperation possibilities.
✔ Develop and maintain firm network with University students and alumni on international and national levels.
✔ Ensure effective communication with stakeholders, particularly, potential employers to fully meet the requirements of labour market on a national and international scale.
✔ Support collaboration of scholars and researchers residing in Georgia and outside the country to ensure excellence of NVU’s research centers.
✔ Cooperate with international and national donor organizations to support public engagement projects.
✔ Be actively engaged in the life of local community and wider world.


Expand human vision through promotion of education, research and innovation. The University inspires individuals to advance and share knowledge, skills and values to contribute to the well-being of society. NVU is committed to social responsibility and also promotes equal access of education to students from around the world.


NVU is aspired to create open, innovative and collaborative environment, to ensure student engagement and serve the society on a national and international scale. Upholding equal access and equity, it adheres to diverse student-centered education and lifelong learning opportunities. By collaborating with stakeholders in civic society, state and industry, NVU strives to spread the knowledge and innovation in local and global community. Committed to the establishment of eco-friendly environment, NVU supports environmental education to enable people to better understand and act collaboratively for its protection. NVU commits to the creation and dissemination of knowledge and preparation of professionals to support economic growth and sustainability.

Main Facts

Non-Entrepreneurial (Non-Commercial) Legal Entity New Vision University (NVU) was established in 2013, New Vision University Hospital - in 2014. NVU team comprises of over 400 Professors, Scholars, and Practitioners. NVU has over 1000 students coming from more than 25 different countries.