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Archil Kezeli

Professor in Physiology of Vision

School of Medicine

Archil Kezeli holds a Doctorate of Biological Sciences degree (1987). He was a Senior Scientist (1975-85) and currently is the Head of Laboratory of Vision Physiology (since 1985) at the I. Beritashvili Center of Experimental Biomedicine. He was a member of NATO Scientific Program (2004-05) and headed Georgian National Science Foundation project- “Mechanisms Providing Stable Perception and Optimal Organization of Information Flow in the Visual System” (2009-10). In 2013, Mr. Kezeli was Head of the organizing committee at the Tbilisi International Conference- “Merging Neuroscience and Medicine: Implications for Brain Disorders”. He is author and co-author of various scientific publications in physiology and other branches of biomedicine and a participant of more than ten conferences.