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Nargiz Nachkebia

Professor in Neurophysiology of Sleep-Wakefulness Cycle

School of Medicine

Nargiz Nachkebia gained a Doctorate degree in Biological Sciences from I. Beritashvili Institute of Physiology (2006) where she was a Senior Scientist (1986-2006) and later a Director (2008-10). Since 2015, Ms. Nachkebia leads Laboratory of Neurobiology of Sleep-Wakefulness Cycle at the above-mentioned institute. In 2010, she was a Head of the organizing committee for an international conference on “Neuroplasticity: Nervous Substrate for Health and Disease”. She is a member of “International Brain Research Organization” (IBRO) and that of the editorial board of journal “Neurobiology of Sleep-Wakefulness Cycle”. Ms. Nachkebia is author and co-author of more than twenty-five articles as well as a participant in many local and international conferences.