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Ilia Lazrishvili

Professor in Neurotoxicology

School of Medicine

Ilia Lazrishvili holds Doctor’s Degree in Biological Sciences from I. Beritashvili Physiology Institute (1990), where he also served as a Senior Scientist (1974-85) and as a Head of Brain Ultrastructure Research Laboratory - Functional Neuroanatomy (1985-2006). Mr. Lazrishvili was also the Head of Neuroanatomy Department at I. Beritashvili Physiology Institute (2009-10). Since 2013, he is the Head of Neurotoxicology Department at the of I. Beritashvili Center of Experimental Biomedicine. He also directed scientific group which worked on the joint project- “The Analysis of Mechanisms of Behavioral Disorders induced by Whole Body Hyperthermia”- employed by the Science and Technology Center in Ukraine and Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation (2012-14). Mr. Lazrishvili is an author of five textbooks in Biology and Histology and is a member of International Brain Research Organization”, “Sigma Xi”, “The Scientific Research Society” and other scientific societies.